Ever want to know what it’s like to run the Vegas Strip?

A unique experience for a slow run

Rock N’ Roll Vegas is your opportunity to run the strip at night.

This is a great experience if you are looking to literally run down the streets of the Vegas Strip and take in the all the sights and sounds of the night life. This is a run that can easily be done slowly without pressure to be fast. There is a four hour course limit on this race.

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Reaching the Venue

The run is right in the heart of Las Vegas, so getting to the venue is very easy. Hop a flight right to the city. Once there, choose one of the multiple options for transportation; I personally just called a Lyft.

Accommodation Tips

There are many options for places to stay on the strip. When choosing a hotel, I booked where the expo was to be held, if I were to do it again I would not do this as that was actually quite far from the run. Look at the course map and try to get a place to stay closer to the start/finish line.

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Event Highlights


  • A unique experience
  • It’s at night, so it’s not hot
  • Lots of time for slow runners to finish
  • Lots of crowd support
  • Lots of on course entertainment


  • There is a lot of walking to and from the start/finish lines
  • Very large event
  • Subpar corral management
  • Volunteers with the event were not helpful in giving directions

Course Difficulty

Things to consider when deciding if this is a good fit for you:

  1. The course is mostly flat
  2. There is a 4 hour time limit
  3.  If you’re planning on sight seeing prior to the run, plan on tired legs; I learned this the hard way. 
  4. Vegas is not considered high elevation at 2,001 feet (610 m) feet above sea level, but that is something be aware of if coming from lower altitude.

City of Las Vegas Arches

Personal Experience

My Vegas trip and this run was a milestone in my 50 states journey, marking off my third state. I really enjoyed the unique experience of getting to run the Strip at night. Running with my sister made this one even more special. The event wasn’t without challenges however, long walks to the starting line and back to the hotels after as well as organizational challenges. The race website shows there will be shuttles from the host hotel and discounts for the monorail in 2024. 

Final Thoughts

Despite the hiccups, the race provides an opportunity that one can’t have without doing it. This run is very inclusive for slow runners. It is easily accessible to get to and there are lots of hotel options, which can be appealing. This was likely the only time I will do this race, but happy I had the opprotunity.