Winning at FitOne: A Half Marathon Adventure in Idaho’s Capital

Boise, the capital city of Idaho, is not just known for its picturesque landscapes and vibrant culture ; it’s also a host to numerous races, including the FitOne.

Reaching the Venue

Boise Airport’s proximity makes accessing the course straightforward. Traveling to the hotel and the downtown area was a breeze with a simple Lyft ride.

Where to Stay

I stayed downtown at the Hyatt, which was conveniently located just a very quick walk to the starting point. There are numerous accommodation options available, and the downtown area is pedestrian-friendly. I didn’t feel a rental car was needed.

course map

The Route: A Blend of Challenge and Beauty

The race kicks off at the Boise capital building. While it is still dark at pre-race gathering time, it is pretty cool to see the building lit up at dawn.

Idaho state capital

Make your way past the Old Idaho Penitentiary. Built in 1870, it looks a bit medieval from the outside in my opinion. Tours are available when not racing, if looking for something to do.  

Beyond the penitentiary I was treated to views of Table Rock and the Boise River.

boise river

As we progressed, the course led us into the Greenbelt, where the river’s beauty was truly beautiful.


Finally the course finishes in Ann Morrison Park offering a nice gathering place for runners to mingle post run.

Pros and Cons of this race



  • Welcoming to walkers and slower runners.
  • Convenient location.
  • Scenic route.
  • Special pricing on Global Running Day.
  • I had the pleasure of running alongside my friend!



  • Aid stations ran out of fuel for those at the back of the pack.
  • Insufficient porta potties, with the first one appearing well into the race.
  • Limited post-race food options (bagel, apple, protein bar, bottled water).

The Post-Race Festivities

Upon completion, participants could walk thought a food tent to collect post-race refreshments, although choices were limited. Nearby the finisher’s area, several food trucks were stationed for those wishing to purchase meals. A live band kept the energy high, playing music even when I finished, which was around the 3 and a half hour mark.


While the race faced some challenges overall I had a great time taking in the sites and running with my friend. The experience was well worth the $20, marking state number 7 in my 50-state journey. With many options for Idaho half marathons this one was easily accessible, scenic and inclusive for those of us at the back of the pack. I recommend carrying your own fuel if doing this one to ensure that you have a great experience.