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If you love the outdoors, hiking, national parks, running, and outdoor adventures, welcome. 

My name is Naomi Branham. I’ve fallen in love with discovering the USA through outdoor adventures. My home base is Oregon in the Pacific Northwest. Any chance to be outside exploring is a great day in my book. I hope to inspire others to get outside and be comfortable even if you don’t feel like you fit the traditional mold of an athlete or outdoor person. 

Backpacking Rosary Lakes


I have had a passion for discovering new places and cultures and doing all I can while in a place since my first trip abroad when I was young. Ironically, this would be the only trip that we took of this kind. Coming from a split household, my sister and I could recite the entire airline safety speech by the time we were 5 and 7, respectively, but we didn’t do much travel beyond the commutes.


My journey started when I started on a quest to run a half marathon in all 50 states; I’m still working on that goal. As I started visiting the states, I quickly realized how much beauty there was to discover in each place. I have now expanded my goals to include visiting all the national parks and hiking in each state. 


I work full-time and maximize my PTO as much as possible.



Discovering America's Beauty

Our worldviews are largely shaped by the small sliver of earth we inhabit daily. While I love the idea of world travel and seeing everything possible (also on the agenda). Like probably many Americans I’ve never truly discovered what my own country has to offer. One of my favorite things to do is discover new areas and let my trip lead me from there; sometimes no set itinerary leads to discovering the best things. Starting this journey, I could tell you there were 50 states, but if I’m being honest not where each one was located. Cities are great to discover, but my real love is smaller towns, National Parks, nature, and everything to be discovered in between.

Yellowstone NP 2018, Snow in August, who would have thought?

Fun Facts About Me:

  • I’m a dog mom to 5 huskies
  • My first job was at the Oregon Cave National Monument Visitor Center
  • I’m a nurse 
  • Top bucket list destination outside of the USA is Iceland
  • I love waterfalls and scenic hikes

Progress and Goals: States Completed

I have completed 19 half marathons and one full marathon, running in 7 states, and visiting 23 states in total. 

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